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Get Started Blogging- Week #3 Start Writing For Your Blog

If you have just joined in on the blogging series, you can go HERE to catch up.

Now that you have decided on your blog topic and have done some research, it is time to start writing. There are a few reasons why I suggest that you start writing before actually setting up your blog. The first reason is so you can get a feel of what you will be doing. It is better to know before you spend the time and money on getting your blog going that you don’t like it or have the time for it.

Another reason is so you can be ahead of the game and have some articles ready to go once your blog is set up. It will take a lot of work designing your blog and will be nice to know that you have some posts already written.

Write A Description

The first thing you are going to want to write is a description of your blog. This is going to be a few sentences describing what your blog is about. You will save this to use when joining different sites that will require you to describe your blog.

You can then take your description and expand on it for your first article on your blog. Tell your readers exactly what you plan on covering on your blog. Are you going to have weekly articles on a certain topic? Make it personal. Talk about why you are starting a blog and what your goal is. This will also help you to have focus when choosing what to write about.

About Me 

You are going to want to add an ‘About Me’ page to your blog so you can go ahead and get that written now. Let your readers know a little about you. Tell them who you are, why you decided to start a blog and why they should read it.

Begin Writing Articles

You should now start to write some articles. Make sure these are not time sensitive material. I would have at least 10 to get started.

What to write?

There are three things you should consider when writing any article, is it entertaining, enlightening or educational? If you can not say yes to at least one of those then you need to start over.

Readers seem to enjoy articles that contain lists, like a top 10. Another popular idea is writing pillar articles. Pillar articles are a series of articles on the same topic like this one.

Don’t be afraid to get personal. The more the reader can connect with you, the more they will want to read and keep coming back.

Make sure to use keywords when writing your article and title. I am not going to go into keywords, but you can check out the article ‘Keyword Article Writing: the Key to Your Success’ by Patel to learn more.

This Weeks Homework

~Write a description for your blog.
~Write an ‘About Me’ article.
~Write at least 3 articles for your blog.

Join me next week when we will get started setting up your blog.

If you decided to take this journey, please let me know what you decided to blog about. How is your writing going?